JagoClient License Agreement

I have decided to make the JagoClient sources public. The main purpose of this move is to speed up the development of JagoClient. Experienced programmers are now able to help me debug and improve this program.

My idea is, that you document any changes you did to JagoClient and send me the changed files and the documentation. I will then coordinate these changes and consider them for the next version of JagoClient. Contributors will receive proper reference in the JagoClient documentation.

To download JagoClient you must agree to the following license.

JagoClient is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The main points are

  1. JagoClient may be extended, modified and used without restrictions and warranty.
  2. The source of JagoClient or any extended or modified version must be available to all users at any time free of cost.
  3. It is not possible to impose a restricted license to any derived or extended version of JagoClient.
  4. All extended or modified versions must contain this license.
  5. Parts of the code may be used in other projects only if these projects are also under the GPL.

If you copy JagoClient to your Web page for use as an applet, you satisfy this license if you link to the JagoClient homepage.

Other licenses are available on request. Especially, if you need an extension that is not open, you need to license the JagoClient code. The fees depend on the prospected use.

R. Grothmann